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SBA-Funding.com – Business Financing & Funding to Invest & Grow. We build businesses by providing them Fast, Affordable, and Flexible options NOW!

SBA-Funding is backed by industry leaders that know at times we all could use a little help. We have a proven system and track record to help your business get back on track or grow. Don’t worry we can help! We are a Texas-based company that provides a variety of financial products and services for small businesses. SBA-Funding is a leading provider of working capital and creative financial solutions for companies nationwide.

Be a yardstick of quality. Some people aren’t used to an environment where excellence is expected.
- Steve Jobs

Several of its products are based on accounts receivable financing or factoring. This form of financing puts a business’ financial assets to work and assures that the firm will have consistent financial resources to meet business fluctuations. SBA-Funding financial solutions are specifically designed for small businesses that:

  • May be having difficulty finding conventional financing, because of the tight credit situation nationally

  • May have been declined by a bank, credit union or other lender for an unsecured line of credit

  • Need a rapid infusion of working capital to take advantage of a competitive market opportunity

  • Require immediate funding for seasonal inventory or additional personnel

SBA-Funding allows business owners and managers to receive funding based on actual receivables from their sales.

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